Help Our Fort Worth Community to Sustain the Endeavor

Endeavor Parkinsonology, including the resources and research provided through Dr. Watts’ laboratory, will need the Fort Worth community to support its sustained goals. You can help achieve the dream of free access to resources for people with PD by considering the following philanthropic opportunities.

If you are interested in making a tax deductible gift of any amount in support of Endeavor Parkinsonology, please contact:

  • Kendall Riddell, Director of Development
  • Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences
  • 817-257-5032


Laryngeal Function Laboratory Gift

Help Dr. Watts and his team better understand how PD effects voice and swallowing, and to find better ways of assessing and treating PD to improve lives. Your gift will support the ongoing research in the Laryngeal Function Laboratory.

Moving Parkinson’s Gift

This gift will allow Endeavor Parkinsonology to provide free access to an exercise class in Fort Worth for people with Parkinson’s disease. We use these funds to sponsor classes designed specifically for people with PD at different levels of ability.

Endeavor Pakinsonology Gift

Give a gift which will fund exercise programs and Parkinson’s lectures for an entire year. This gift will create access to movement activities for people with PD at no cost through sponsorships of community exercise instructors, while allowing us to bring national and international experts in PD to Fort Worth to teach our community how we can improve lives.


Endowed Research Laboratory

Research creating new knowledge is critical for advancing our understanding of Parkinson’s diseases.  Through your endowment of the Laryngeal Function Laboratory, you will be ensuring that researchers at TCU, both faculty and students, have access to the appropriate resources to create new knowledge through cutting edge research and scholarly endeavors. In addition, you will be supporting research which benefits the Fort Worth community, who actively participate in the ongoing research in the Laryngeal Function Lab and benefit from the new knowledge that research is creating. By endowing this lab, you will also be creating a naming opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for your family.

Endowed Professorship / Chair

TCU graduates place tremendous value on relationships with their professors. These connections have and will continue to be at the center of the TCU experience. TCU seeks out professors who have a passion for teaching as well as for conducting research – a combination that keeps them at the top of their fields. The opportunity to endow this faculty position creates a permanent resource for both TCU and Fort Worth. With a focus on research and teaching in Parkinson’s disease, this position will ensure that TCU and Fort Worth have a teacher and scholar who is creating new knowledge and disseminating knowledge to our community. In addition, endowed faculty positions allow us to attract eminent national and international scholars. In turn, outstanding scholars attract other notable faculty and the brightest students. Endowed positions, such as endowed deanships, as well as chairs, professorships, and professional-in-residence and artist-in-residence positions, are carefully targeted toward TCU’s mission and aspirations. By endowing this faculty position, you will also be creating a naming opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for your family.