A Community of Citizens Fighting Against Parkinson’s Disease

Our Vision

We are building a community of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of those fighting against Parkinson’s disease. To accomplish this, we will create a unique Fort Worth resource to provide our community with information on health-related Parkinson’s resources, access to exercise activities, educational seminars, and opportunities to participate in research which will better inform our understanding of how PD influences voice, speech, and swallowing.

Our Goals

  • To provide access for people with Parkinson’s disease to evidence-based exercise programs for maintenance and rehabilitation of motor and sensory functions.
  • To connect individuals in the Fort Worth community to a network of committed citizens seeking to understand Parkinson’s disease and finding ways to improve the quality of life for those dealing with it.
  • To advance our knowledge of Parkinson’s disease and how it impacts motor and non-motor functions.

Endeavor Parkinsonology of Fort Worth will be supporting people with PD by linking individuals and their families to health care resources in the Fort Worth area. Information and contacts for health resources include:

Medical professionals specializing in PD
Rehabilitation professionals specializing in PD
Health care professionals specializing in PD
Exercise programs designed for people with PD


Punching Out Parkinson’s Helps People Fight Against PD.

Covid 19 hasn’t knocked out Punching out Parkinson’s! In fact the University of Hard Knocks gym is punching back. Punching Out Parkinson’s (https://punchingoutparkinsons.org/), the boxing program developed by world champion boxer Paulie Ayala, is open and offering exercises classes tailored to people with PD. Paulie has a passion for helping people fight against PD, leading the weekly classes at his University of Hard Knocks (https://uhkgym.com/) on Camp Bowie road. Classes are offered up to 3x per week. If you are interested or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

Dr. Indu Subramanian to deliver keynote lecture August 31, 2024 for the Zoota Family Leaders in Parkinson’s Disease Speaker Series.

Day: Saturday, August 31

Time: 9:30 – 11:30pm

Location – TCU Campus, Brown Lupton University Union

Register for event: https://advancement.tcu.edu/new/parkinsons-bloem?id=c9cb1ad4-5f1f-4f64-a884-ea7255070f3d

Vocal Power classes are now being held every Wednesday from 3 to 4 pm, and are in person. Are you interested in exercising your voice? Contact speech-language pathologist Beth Watson-Sharp for more information at e-mail BethWatson@TexasHealth.org, or phone 817.250.3156

PWR Moves for Parkinson’s exercise classes being offered at Western Hills United Methodist Church (2820 Laredo Drive, Fort Worth 76116). Classes are held on the 3rd Monday of each each month, and start at 4:30pm. Classes are followed by Empowerment classess at 5:45pm. For more information contact Alison Geymer at geymer22@gmail.com