Regular physical exercise is one of the most important activities individuals with Parkinson’s can do to actively fight against the disease. The Fort Worth area is home to a number of exercise programs designed specifically for people with PD, and can be accommodated for most levels of physical ability. The classes below have been attended by many people connected to Endeavor Parkinsonology for multiple years. For more information, contact the class instructors for each activity (see e-mails, phone # below).

Exercise Classes for People with PD


Punching Out Parkinson’s boxing classes are offered by Paulie Ayala at his School of Hard Knocks gym multiple times each week. (https://punchingoutparkinsons.org). Some sponsorships to support attendance are available.

If you would like consider getting connected to Punching Out Parkinson’s, contact them at the following:

For more information contact:

info@punchingoutparkinsons.org 817-731-4665


Now Online! Participate in the Vocal Exercise Class from your home computer

Contact: Beth Watson, MS, CCC-SLP; bethwatson@texashealth.org; (817) 250-3156

Vocal Power teaches people with Parkinson’s disease vocal exercises designed to increase vocal strength and stamina. In a group setting, participants will learn and practice sets of vocal exercises which are performed with conscious effort on vocal intensity (loudness) and pitch flexibility. Participants will also be guided on home-based exercises to complement the weekly group classes.


Exercise class using balls

Alliance Gym, 10357 Alta Vista rd., suite 351, Fort Worth, 76244

Contact: Alison Geymer, PT, DPT, Rock Steady Box cert., geymer22@gmail.com, (682) 593-1374

Balance Therapy, 7148 Trail Lake Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76123

Contact:  Valerie Johnson, PT, DPT., www.balancetherapytoday.com (214) 356-8123

PWR!Moves is a PD-specific skill training program to maintain or restore skills that deteriorate and interfere with everyday movements. The BASIC4 | PWR!Moves are performed with large amplitude, high effort, and attention to action in multiple postures (floor, all 4’s, sitting, and standing). They specifically target “4” skills shown by research to interfere with mobility in people with PD (antigravity extension, weight shifting, axial mobility, and transitional movements).

Inclusion Criteria for PWR!Moves classes:

  1. No falls in the past 3 months
  2. Walk without an assistive device
  3. Able to get in/out of a chair without assistance
  4. Able to get on/off the floor without assistance


Boxing Exercise Class

Alliance Gym, 10357 Alta Vista rd., suite 351, Fort Worth, 76244

Contact: Alison Geymer, PT, DPT, Rock Steady Box cert., geymer22@gmail.com, (682) 593-1374

This exercise program attacks Parkinson’s at its vulnerable neurological points. While focusing on overall fitness, workouts include: focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, jump rope, core work, calisthenics and circuit weight training. No boxing experience is necessary and people of all ages are invited to participate.  A “Cornerman” is required to assist any participants who answer “yes” to any of the following: requires an assistive device to walk with, has significant balance issues and/or has had more than one fall in the past 3 months, has difficulty following directions without repetition.


Alliance Gym, 10357 Alta Vista rd., suite 351, Fort Worth, 76244

Contact: Alison Geymer, PT, DPT, LSVT, PWR!, geymer22@gmail.com; (682) 593-1374

Balance Boot Camp is the perfect class for anyone who has noticed they aren’t as steady on their feet as they used to be and wants to improve their balance. This class is for all levels. All exercises can be modified for any level of mobility by our Physical Therapist to make exercise safe but challenging for all participants. Loss of balance with Parkinson’s disease is a complex and challenging issue and not always caused by the same factors.  Balance Boot Camp will focus on multiple aspects of balance control: agility, strength, postural control, flexibility, coordination, dual tasking (being able to do two things at once; or being able to stay balanced when distracted), techniques to decrease freezing, and more.


100 N. Cottonwood Drive, suite 108, Richardson, 75080


Contact: Dr. Michael Braitsch, PT, DPT,  tribewellnessllc@gmail.com; (214) 702-6559

Tribe Wellness offers group exercise programs steeped in evidence-based exercise interventions from the best leading research in physical therapy and exercise science. While programs are not to be confused with individualized physical therapy services, Tribe Welness uses ideas from the best available research to create a community experience.